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Scottish Thistle Charm Earrings with Cathedral Czech Beads. Hypoallergenic Platinum Ear Posts.

Scottish Thistle Charm Earrings with Cathedral Czech Beads. Hypoallerg


 Cathedral beads are fascinating all on their own. Add the silver plating and you have something fabulous. No need to put up your hair to ensure they’ll show. These earrings will find the light and show of all on their own. 

- hypoallergenic platinum ear pin on Fine Silver Pewter post .
- 6mm faceted Czech beads and 12mm faceted Cathedral beads.
- charm is Pewter, Fine Silver plate with antiqued finish.
- thistle charm has same pattern on booth sides.
- thistle charm measures approximately 1 Inch height by 0.8 Inch width.
- drop length approximately 3 Inch.
- findings are Stainless Steel, silver, copper or nickel free plate alloy.

Scottish Lore:
The Scottish Thistle as a Heraldic badge. Since the reign of Alexander III (1249–1286) the thistle has been the national emblem of Scotland. From then on it’s been the symbol of the Order of the Thistle, a chivalric order of Scotland. According to legend, a Norse army was attempting to sneak up on a Scottish army's encampment. Being barefoot was a Norseman’s misfortune since he stepped on a thistle. His cry of pain alerted the Scots to the attack. The Thistle is Scotland's national emblem. A symbol for bravery, courage, and loyalty.

These earrings are perfectly presented in a jewelry box. The box includes a card that explains the meaning of the charm/knot.

Handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado 🏔.