Tree of Life Earrings on Hypoallergenic Wire.


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You’ve picked a universal symbol of life. The Tree of Life is found is many old cultures. It’s as beautiful and centering a symbol today as it has ever been. It’s universal balance and beauty will make you choose to wear these again and again!

- hypoallergenic ear wire.
- charms are nickel free alloy, fine silver plate with antiqued finish.
- charms each measures 1 inch height by 1 inch width.
- findings are Stainless Steel, pewter or nickel free plate alloy.
- all materials and finish is Cadmium and Lead free.

Celtic Lore:
For the Celts the tree symbolized strength, wisdom and longevity. Celts believed they came from trees. They viewed them as living being and as magical. Trees guarded the land and was a doorway to the spirit world. The roots of the tree reach into the underworld and the branches the upper world. The tree trunk was the connection to Earth. This connection the Gods via the Tree of Life.

These earrings come on a jewelry card. Included is a card describing the meaning of the charm/knot

I think you will like the matching bangle!

Handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado 🏔.